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The Jewish People: Rejected or Beloved?
Dr. David R. Reagan

What is God's Relationship to the Jewish People?

  • Have the Jews ceased to be God's Chosen People?.
  • Are they guilty of the unforgivable sin of "killing God"?.
  • Has God replaced them with the Church?.
  • Has God transferred their promises to the Church?.
  • Have they lost all hope as a nation?.
  • Are they devoid of any role in the end times?.
  • If God still loves them, how could He allow them to experience the Holocaust?.
  • Do they have their own way of salvation, separate and apart from Jesus?
In this book, Dr. Reagan deals with these and many other questions regarding the Jewish people. In the process, he reveals the evil of Replacement Theology and the tragedy of Dual Covenant Theology -- and he does so in simple, understandable language.

The Jewish People: Rejected or Beloved?

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