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The COVID-19 pandemic unleashed a cascade of consequences that reached far beyond the virus itself. Governments became engorged with power, mandating lockdowns and vaccines as the isolation of millions of healthy citizens replaced family gatherings, concerts, church services, and more. World leaders began to leverage the crisis to address everything from climate change to human equality, conditioning followers for further tyranny.

As if these realities weren't alarming enough, a deeper, more sinister agenda was - and still is - at play. According to biblical prophecies, a one-world government will emerge in the end times, with Satan himself preparing to rule over the earth. While we aren't in those times yet, we're on the precipice of the final days - and we need to know what that means for our economy, our neighbors, and our families.

Global Reset opens our eyes to how pandemics, natural disasters, and political unrest point toward the impending universal economy and godless global government of the Antichrist.

Global Reset

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