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Alcohol: The Beloved Enemy

Sir Arnold Toynbee, British historian and the educator, identified alcohol as a major factor in the destruction of nineteen civilizations predating our own.

William Shakespeare worded it this way, "Oh! That men should put an enemy into their mouths to steal away their brains! O God, that we should have joy, pleasure, revel, and applause transform us into beasts!"

Did Toynbee exaggerate? Was Shakespeare an alarmist?

The personal and social implications of problem drinking are vividly described in this biblically relevant and practical analysis of Alcohol: The Beloved Enemy

Recognized as one of America's foremost Bible authorities, Dr. Jack Van Impe carefully weighs the pros and cons of social drinking for today's Christians.

Rev. Roger Campbell collaborated with Dr. Van Impe in the writing of this book.

Alcohol: The Beloved Enemy

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