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Whoosh! I Want To Go Up!
With Jesus Forever

Rexella Van Impe

Share the joy of what you know about God's plan for our lives and the future of our world, through these simple and yet life-changing books for youngsters.

Whoosh! I Want to Go Up! introduces the Savior, and the exciting time when He will call all believers to be with Him in the air, during the Rapture.

With Jesus Forever tells exciting stories about Bible prophecy with a beautiful description of what it will be like for us as believers when Jesus Himself reigns on earth and in heaven.
I have designed these books to show your children and grandchildren that they have nothing to fear from the future with Jesus as their Savior - and so much to look forward to!
Rexella Van Impe
Give your children and grandchildren the gift of knowledge they want about Bible prophecy.

Special Bonus!
With each set of books ordered, you will also receive a CD "Rexella Sings Children's Songs

Prophecy Book for Children

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