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Daniel Final End Times Mysteries Unsealed

Dr. Jack & Rexella Van Impe

"Everything Jews, Gentiles and Christians need to know about their future is predicted in the book of Daniel"

God commanded Daniel to seal the mysteries of his prophetic book until "the time of the end." What did it mean? Only when the final predicted events began to occur would the Spirit reveal His mysteries to present-day messengers ... That time is now!

Dr. Jack Van Impe has poured more than 300 hours of research into this project, studying every book possible on the subject by the greatest scholars. Now he and Rexella have recorded their findings on a 6 CD set.

Here's a list of the end-time mysteries unveiled and made perfectly clear and understandable on this dynamic audio series:

  • Mystery of Iniquity
  • Colossal Doomsday Image
  • 4 Great Beasts of History
  • Assassination and Resurrection of Antichrist
  • The 7'th and Final Empire of History
  • The Madman of History
  • Mysteries of Y.H.W.H.-Elohim-Adonai
  • Mystery Date -- 32 AD
  • The 2 Lords
  • And...Much, Much More!
As a bonus with your order you will receive the companion book Final Mysteries Unsealed

Daniel: Final End Time Mysteries Unsealed CD set

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