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The Judeo-Christian Eternal New World Order

These seven messages are the most powerful Dr. Van Impe has EVER delivered!

  • Celebration of Israel's 70th birthday including the final two signs proving the imminent return of Christ!
  • 2,500 years of Jewish persecution by eight world empires!
  • A startling space phenomena and multiplied signs pointing to Christ's imminent return!
  • The Judeo-Christian Bible exposes the iniquity that shall abound preceding Christ's return.
  • A nuclear World War III, the final battle of Armageddon, and God's protection of Jews and Christians.
  • Proof of Christ's second coming to establish a final and eternal Judeo-Christian new world order!
  • Preparing for the final heavenly Kingdom on earth -- the Judeo-Christian eternal new world order!
This series celebrates the 70th anniversary of modern Israel's founding and spotlights what this prophetic moment means for us today.

The Judeo-Christian Eternal New World Order

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