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Christmas Holiday or Holy Day?

Jack Van Impe Ministries presents the perfect holiday video classic Christmas Holiday or Holy Day?

You will want to show this fast moving and entertaining documentary teaching to your friends, family, pastor, and church, to anyone who has beheld the commercialization of Christmas in our lifetime and needs to be made aware of the Gospel truth about this special season of the year.

Especially as the holidays approach, hearts will soften toward things of the Spirit. People will be open to the Gospel like no other time of the year.

Plus it will be a blessing to you and your family as you approach the holidays, reminding you of the true meaning of Christmas and all the reasons you have to rejoice.

You'll discover how close to the return of the Lord we really are, and how today's current events make it even clearer that we should be filled with joy as we watch for His blessed appearing!

Christmas Holiday or Holy Day?

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