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God's Prophetic Plan Revealed
A Sermon by Dr. Jack Van Impe

The shocking truth about prophetic events unfolding around the world today is presented in perhaps the single most electrifying message ever delivered by Dr. Jack Van Impe! In this exciting video, you get answers to these intriguing questions…

  • Who has set in motion a requirement for everyone to have a microchip implanted under their skin? What's the timetable?
  • What role does the European Union play in latter-day-events?
  • How is the new world government fulfilling the final prophecy today?
  • What events follow the Rapture?
  • How does Israel, and specifically Jerusalem, fit into Bible prophecy?
  • How will Russia, China, and Iran play a part in the fulfillment of end-of-the-age prophecies?
  • What else must happen before Christ returns?
  • When will the Lord return?
and many more!

God's Prophetic Plan Revealed DVD - CC

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