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The President of Change Shortchanges America
  • Is America, under President Barack Obama's leadership, moving toward socialism? Maybe even communism?
  • What radical cadre of left-wing extremists is out to destroy the USA's moral foundations?
  • Who was the first 'radical' known to man, and where is his kingdom?
  • How are demonic spirits controlling some of the most influential politicians, kings, and dictators of this world?
  • What did noted pundit Peggy Noonan mean when she described President Obama as 'devious' and 'dishonest'?
  • Can President Obama (or anyone else) really be a Christian if they believe there are many ways to heaven?
  • Who said Barack Obama could be America's most biblically hostile president - and why?
Drs. Jack and Rexella Van Impe answer these and other critical questions about the administration of President Obama and where his leadership is taking America! Discover the moral and spiritual repercussions of the dubious 'change' President Obama promised, and is making to this nation.

The President of Change Shortchanges America DVD -- CC

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